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Feb 28, 2022

Project Requirement

Our team was tasked with creating an online hub for both public and professional visitors of the Expo City District, providing essential information on initiatives as well as physical and online events planned by the Expo Dubai Group.


To meet this challenge, we developed a content management system that can be effectively used by multiple teams, including event managers, content managers, and streaming production teams. Our solution ensures that all stakeholders can easily manage content and events in a streamlined and efficient manner.
We also created an easy-to-use website that allows ordinary visitors to find information about events, register, and purchase tickets. We wanted to ensure that the website was user-friendly and intuitive, with a simple and elegant design that guides visitors to the information they need. Professional users can also take advantage of the resources provided on the website and find information relevant to their business to help them integrate into the Expo City District.
Our solution also integrates social media channels, enabling the Expo Dubai Group to reach a wider audience and generate more buzz around the event. The social media channels also allow for real-time communication between the event organizers and visitors, providing a more interactive and engaging experience.
Overall, our solution provides a powerful, user-friendly platform for the Expo Dubai Group to communicate with visitors, promote events, and manage content. It has helped to ensure that the Expo City District is a resounding success, providing a memorable experience for all who attend.



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